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How We Spend Your Money

CPYFA is an organization comprised entirely of volunteers. Every dollar that comes into this organization through registration fees, donations, sponsorships and other fundraisers goes back into the organization. We endeavor to spend no more than $.05 of every dollar raised on the administration of our league, leaving 95% of all funds to be allocated to uniforms, equipment, safety and training that directly benefits the kids and families of our community. When you come to CPYFA you should expect that your child will play and learn in a safe environment with quality equipment and facilities, our investments into the organization reflect that commitment. Below is a sampling of routine expenses that we incur every fall football season. These expenses are generalized and offered in the spirit of transparency, for more information about specific expenses or additional questions about how money is spent at CPYFA, please contact

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We spend the offseason talking to dozens of vendors and negotiating the best possible rates for jerseys that look great and stand up to the grind of a full season. A typical fall football season carries $8,500 or more in uniform expenses.


Our membership in AYF affords us quality insurance at a pre-negotiated rate. The typical fall season carries $2,300 or more in insurance costs.

Practice Fields

We work closely with LISD and the City of Cedar Park to ensure our teams have dedicated facilities that are safe and reliable. Our flag teams are able to leverage free LISD facilities, while the needs of our cheer, tackle and flex teams carry costs of between $40 - $100 per day (combined) depending on the need for lighting.

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Game Fields

CPYFA hosts at least four home games each season at CPHS and hosts playoff and tournaments at Gupton Stadium on a rotating basis. Each home game costs between $500 - $800 for field rentals and a mandatory LISD attendant.

Game Officials & Athletic Trainers

Maintaining the safety and integrity of the game means paid game officials. Football games require between one and four officials per game (for flag, flex and tackle). A typical week of home games carries officiating costs of roughly $950. 


Because safety is our number one priority, every tackle football game has at least one medically certified athletic trainer available at the game at all times. A typical home game day carries $150 or more in athletic training costs.


Our cheerleaders not only cheer on our football players from the sidelines, but they compete in local and regional competitions. These are hosted by accredited youth cheer organizations such as AYC (American Youth Cheer). In order to score as many points as possible, the choreography of the routine must designed to compliment the skill set of each squad. The cost of this can range anywhere from            $65-75/cheerleader. 

Practice Gear

We invest in quality equipment and training aids that ensure our athletes are learning to play and cheer for the game the right way, which also means the safe way. Each year we inventory pads and equipment  making investments in new gear or  renting through 3rd party partners to ensure we get the most for our money. Our annual investments range from $250 to over $1,000.


One of the great benefits of playing youth football in Cedar Park is the community relationships we build through association with CPHS coaches and boosters. Each year we contribute to the pack pups program on behalf of CPYFA granting each athlete free access to CPHS home games and a chance to storm the field with the varsity football team before each home game.


Managing a 501c(3) organization carries inherent financial and reporting obligations and their associated costs. Build in storage costs for equipment, the cost of equipment fittings and the resources necessary to communicate important information to our parents and sponsors (including this website) and the annual expenses quickly mount. We endeavor to spend no more than $.05 of every $1 raised on administrative expenses.

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