How We Spend Your Money

CPYFA is an organization comprised entirely of volunteers. Every dollar that comes into this organization through registration fees, donations, sponsorships and other fundraisers goes back into the organization. We endeavor to spend no more than $.05 of every dollar raised on the administration of our league, leaving 95% of all funds to be allocated to uniforms, equipment, safety and training that directly benefits the kids and families of our community. When you come to CPYFA you should expect that your child will play and learn in a safe environment with quality equipment and facilities, our investments into the organization reflect that commitment. Below is a sampling of routine expenses that we incur every fall football season. These expenses are generalized and offered in the spirit of transparency, for more information about specific expenses or additional questions about how money is spent at CPYFA, please contact

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 4.30.28 PM.png
Practice Fields
Gupton Stadium.jpg
Game Fields
Game Officials & Athletic Trainers
Practice Gear

Disclaimer: While our goal is to provide a feeder program that works closely with Cedar Park High School with hopes to prepare young athletes in such a way that their transition into school based athletics is seamless, CPYFA is not a component of Leander Independent School District (LISD). LISD does not endorse, recommend or favor any specific outside youth athletic club, group or organization. The views, opinions, practices and processes expressed by CPYFA do not necessarily state or reflect those of Leander Independent School District or the district’s athletic program.

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