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Half-elf Tentacle Assault Ds Rom




ancing I LOVE sweet romances that end with one of the lovers declaring they love the other person for always. I mean, yeah, sweet, but that kind of declaration makes you sound like a cretin. The sex is hot, the romance is sweet and tender, the villains are well-developed (except the last, when they're just a joke), the supporting characters are well-rounded and not strictly one-dimensional, and the magic is so not what I expect from a game like this. And the tentacles are so, so fun. I'm glad I played it again, just for that. :) Now I'm looking forward to Hour of Penance and Tar Pit, which I've never played and haven't played since Fallen London. I'm a bit conflicted about the "twenty levels" thing. I can buy that the two players are smart enough to just accept that the game just isn't terribly long and don't really have to do anything except go through the city once, though. But if you play it once and want to play it again, you're going to be a little disappointed, because there's just...nothing more to it. You've already been through the city once, right? Not much of a change, really, just four levels of a dungeon. I guess I don't mind so much as long as they let you decide how to play. I mean, you can always just play straight through the whole game the first time if you want. Just have to know you're going to want to play again. And then when they release the handbook, make sure you're not told to read it, but that they make it very clear that there's really not much else to read. :) If the trouble is that the "twenty levels" thing is pretty much impossible to do in a non-roguelike setting, then don't make it a major plot point in the first place. You can have a handful of rooms that you go through once in a session. Maybe you have a series of rooms that you have to go through in a certain order to get to a boss battle, and you have a couple of rooms you can visit once in a day, but that's it. It's a classic gameplay trick, and it's why a certain degree of novelty can be fun in most rpgs. The familiarity makes it easier to get into the game. But the idea of a game with "





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Half-elf Tentacle Assault Ds Rom

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