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Memorial Day is fast approaching, now is the time we should be looking forward to the end of another school year and summer vacations to see family, friends and new destinations. Instead, we face the adversity of yet another day in isolation mandated by a virus over which we have no control. These are the times that remind us that our children have far more energy than we do and that energy is apparently taking all opportunities to escape.

Whether it's football, cheer, baseball, soccer, swimming or any other sport your child holds dear, I think we are all learning together the special role that youth sports play (pun intended) in each of our lives. Let’s be honest, it’s high time these kiddos were out of the house and doing something constructive that – and this is the key – burns all that energy that is otherwise focused on destroying your living room.

It goes without saying that this summer “break” will be unlike any in recent memory. It will still be hot – the Texas heat has no respect for social distancing – but basically everything else is going to require adjustments. Those adjustments will of course extend to CPYFA as we enter into what is traditionally a busy time of planning and coordination before the madness of the fall season begins.

As I write this, we still have no idea what the fall school/sports season will look like. Acting as a responsible organization means that CPYFA will be forced to develop options and contingencies for any number of outcomes. We’re working hard to minimize the impact to our athletes, coaches and parents but it’s clear that to make the fall season a success it’s going to take the patience, adaptability and passion of the entire CPYFA community.

I will share with you that our registration numbers for the fall season are far below their normal levels for this point in the process and though I’m not surprised, I must confess it makes planning for uncertain times all the more challenging. I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume that most people aren’t thinking about fall football and/or cheer in May. What interests me and the rest of the CPYFA Board is what factors may help us to predict what sort of participation we can expect for the fall. To that end, we’ve put together a very simple survey and if you can spare 5 minutes on our behalf, I would ask that you submit a response.

I’ll close with a personal assurance to every parent and family member that the CPYFA Board shares your concern for the health and safety of every child in our program. My two boys are football junkies – they simply cannot wait to be back on the field with their teammates. I want that for them as I’m sure each of you does for your own children. If we work together, I’m certain we can find common sense solutions that respect the health and safety of everyone in our CPYFA community and make it possible for our children to have a 2020 season to remember.

Look for more updates from myself and the board in the weeks to come as more information is released from government agencies and public health organizations. And of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t remind everyone that registration for the fall 2020 season is open! We’ve posted a direct link to the registration site at the top of our website – if you’re reading this note, you’re already one step closer to fall.

Stay healthy out there Timberwolves, we’ll see you in September!


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