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Thanks for a great season!

Another Fall season is in the books and though the festivities are not quite complete (more on that below) we’re already looking forward to a busy offseason and 2022. Before we completely turn the page, I thought it would be prudent to celebrate the season that was and acknowledge some of the amazing volunteers who made it all possible.

First - I want to extend sincere thanks to all of our coaches without whom no season would ever be possible. Coaching is a challenge in any season but this year brought the added difficulty of having to navigate a tragic loss within our larger Hill Country Family. I was inspired by the compassion and steadfast leadership of our coaches and all of our volunteers as they grappled with their own feelings while helping the young people, around whom our community is built, process the loss of a peer. This year, perhaps more than in recent years, taught us to cherish these moments with our kids and to more deeply appreciate those in our community.