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Football Summer Camp Offer for CPYFA!

Gridiron Football has reached out with an exclusive offer for CPYFA families looking for summer camp options for their young football players.


Members of the CPYFA family can save $15 on registration if they use the code


during registration checkout.


Camp runs Monday to Friday from 8am - 12pm with frequent water breaks and indoor classroom sessions to give kids a break from the summer heat.

Typical Camp Schedule:

8am - 9am: Strength and Conditioning

9am - 10am: Individual Skills and Drills

10am - 11am: "Chalk Talk" the Xs and Os of Football (indoors)

11am - 12pm: Live scrimmages with real-time coaching

Competition Friday will feature live games played in tournament format, culminating with a brief awards ceremony to recognize the most improved campers and Gridiron Greats (Top Camper) for each age group.