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Football is On! Here's what you need to know

To date more than 100 families have registered for the fall season of football across all three programs (tackle, flex and flag). We’ve taken this as a strong indication that the parents in our community have assessed the risks inherent to returning to the field, have weighed them against the benefits of returning to team sports and have decided that fall football makes sense for their child(ren). With that understanding, we have determined to forge ahead with a fall football season and are working overtime to put together a season.

As I write this note, there remains a tremendous amount of work to be done, but here’s what I can tell you about the fall season as I believe it will happen.

  • Teams will be activated with currently registered players and families in Sports Signup Play on August 3rd. Parents new to our program can download the mobile app in the iOS app store or Google Play store.

  • All teams will be eligible to begin informal and entirely optional practices starting next week (August 3rd). Your coaches and/or program Director will be in touch to communicate details specific to your child’s program and will share an optional practice schedule in the team app.

  • Please note that applicable medical waivers and AYF player packs will not be required to attend optional practices as these are not formal AYF sanctioned events. However, your child must be registered with CPYFA in order to attend optional practices.

  • Football fittings will be held on August 9th and August 23rd at 1Up sports. Each player/family should plan to attend only one of those fittings. More information about fittings is available on and will be updated as we approach fitting dates.

  • Football registration will close August 23rd, we have waived late registration fees for the 2020 season

  • Formal practices are currently scheduled to begin the week after Labor Day on September 8th. At that time, all players will be required to have all applicable medical clearance and AYF player packs turned in prior to practicing.

  • Teams will not be locked until registration is closed and we have confirmed certifications and background checks are complete for all coaches.

  • We anticipate that our first games will be played the week of September 20th. Given the challenges we have with LISD facility availability and competition for game fields, games may be held on weekday evenings or at atypical times throughout the weekend potentially including Sunday afternoons. As viable opponents and facilities come into focus, we will of course communicate a fixed game schedule through our coaches and program directors.

  • We anticipate a 9-week season that will conclude the week prior to Thanksgiving, on or about November 21st. Again, we will communicate a precise schedule once the details of our season come into better focus.

In these uncertain times I would be remiss if I did not call out that while the Board and I are doing everything possible to make this season a success, there are many factors that lie well beyond our control - not least of which is the trajectory and inherent risk of the ongoing Novel Carona Virus pandemic. I ask for your patience and grace as we endeavor to put the many puzzle pieces in place. There will almost certainly be last minute changes and requirements for this season that are well outside of the normal football experience with CPYFA. If you have ideas, questions or comments, please do not hesitate to bring them directly to me or to any member of the board. I believe that CPYFA is unique in Cedar Park because of the community we have all worked so hard to create; if ever there was a time for all of us to come together as neighbors and friends, surely this is it.

“For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack” - Rudyard Kipling

Go Timberwolves!


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