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CPYFA Now Offers Flex Football!

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

We are thrilled announce our newest football program offerings launching Fall 2019…FLEX Football! We will be implementing this new FLEX program for all non-tackle athletes, so that we can truly develop our players and ensure longer and safer football careers for each of them. FLEX allows our organization to implement the NFL style practice strategy, and focus on the fundaments and learning of the game.

Player safety and development is our number one priority.  FLEX requires all players to wear the NFL offseason gear (soft shell gear). Athletes will play full speed, learn how to block, learn proper technique, but in a non-impact, smarter football environment.

Coaching and player development is what sets FLEX apart from any flag football program. There will be two to three practices during the week and all games will be played on Saturdays. One practice will focus solely on offensive positions, and the other will focus on defense. Every athlete will learn and train at every position during training camp (pre-season), and will then identify the position that best suits their abilities and benefits the team.

FLEX Football Highlights:

  • 9V9 format includes the O & D Lineman who account for 40% of the football market

  • Bridges the gap between flag and tackle football

  • Teaches the fundamentals and schemes of the game

  • Gives kids opportunity to wear NFL gear

  • More influence on the play at each position

  • Build and develop specific skills

  • Feel like a real football player 

How to Register



Registration Ends: August 18th

Practice Opens: August 26th

Practice: 2-3x Week

Games Start: September 21st

Gamedays: Saturdays

Championship Weekend: November 9th 

We couldn’t be more excited to help our young athletes grow as football players! 


Once you register, you will hear more details from our partners at National Flex Football.

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