Get to Know Flex Football

Spring 2021 Registration is open

Flex Football Operations

  • Game Play: Flex is 9-on-9, limited-contact football with no contact to the head.

  • Field Size: The Flex field dimension is 40 yards long x 53 yards wide. Two games operate simultaneously on the same regulation football field.

  • Coaches: All Flex coaches are fully-vetted and certified by CPYFA and the NFX Team. All coaches will be educated on Flex gameplay, player safety and team management prior to the start season. Coach expectations are outlined in the FlexFootball Rule Book, which is provided to all head coaches and volunteers.

  • Referees: All Flex Referees are fully vetted and certified by the NFX Team. NFX trains all Refs prior to season kick-off, and conducts check-in meetings every week of the season to ensure that Flex Football rules are being called equally and uniformly across all leagues.

  • Roster Size: Teams are required to have a minimum of 11 players on the roster. The suggested roster size is 12-15 players in order to maximize field time and experience for all players.

  • Grade Based Organization: National Flex Football is a grade-based organization. Players are permitted to play up in an older age division (playing down is not permitted).

The Value of Flex Football

  • 9 on 9

  • Includes all positions

  • 2-hand touch reinforces proper positioning for the tackle without encouraging diving or reaching for the flag

  • Limited contact – NO contact to the head

  • Allows blocking & blitzing

  • Includes pass rush, Press coverage & run game

  • Focus on technique & scheme

What It Looks Like

CPYFA celebrated a championship in 2019 in the 3/4 Division, here are highlights from the championship game.

Flex for Tackle Players

Flex is the only offseason football program for tackle players. Players can get 300-500 full-speed, game reps, without any unnecessary contact. Maximizing skill development, and keeping players in the game all year-round.

Flex for Flag Players

Flex is built for flag players wanting to elevate their game to the next level. Players get a much more authentic football experience and develop real football skills and fundamentals. 9V9, full-blocking football, but without the impact.

Flex for New Players

FLEX is the ideal introduction to the game of football for first-time players. Players learn the fundamentals of the game and build their football foundation.

Spring 2021 Info

Dates: 4/11/21 - 5/23/21

Championships: To be announced

Practices: 1 - 2x per week at Cedar Park HS or another LISD facility

Game Days: Sunday Afternoons

Game Locations: Cedar Park, Leander, Westlake, Round Rock and surrounding area

What It Costs

$195 Registration Fee and equipment rental
 $165 Registration Fee if you have your own equipment

What It Covers

  • Custom jersey*

  • Game shorts

  • Practice facilities

  • Practice equipment and balls

  • Game balls

  • Game field

  • Game officials

  • Player insurance

  • League administration

  • Soft shell equipment**

*Jerseys are themed to the CPHS Varsity Football game jersey; jerseys include player name and requested number

**soft shell equipment through Rock Solid